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Supported Living Services


  • Medical Supportive Living Homes
  • 24 hour Awake Care
  • 24 hour Medical/Nursing Services
  • Community Participation
  • Transportation Services
  • Serving Carter, Sullivan, Washington, and Unicoi Counties

Supported Living
The Supported Living Service provides housing accommodations, 24 hour awake staff, nursing assistance (when applicable), and transportation to individuals residing in these homes.  Homes are located throughout the Tri-Cities area and have a maximum of three residents per home.

Individuals gain experience and independence in making personal choices including home decorating, meal menus, clothing selection, and household tasks. Residents are encouraged to explore and become involved in their local community. Within each home staff are provided training on each individual’s personal & dietary needs, first aid, CPR and have been Medication Certified by the State of Tennessee. Homes also have access to management staff and Licensed Practical Nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The goal is to assist each person in the Supportive Living program to be as independent as possible, but have someone there to assist when help is needed. Individuals are encouraged to plan their own daily activities/schedules as capable.  Community activities are personalized to the individual’s interests and desires.  Visits from family and friends are welcomed and encouraged. A dedicated transportation vehicle is provided at each home.

Medical Supportive Living Homes
Medical Supportive Living Homes are residences where specialized health care services are needed and each home is staffed with a Licensed Practical Nurse as prescribed by their physician.  This service is available with approved waiver funding. This service also provides the same services as noted in Supportive Living above.

In-Home Day Services
In Home Day Services are available for individuals who are unable to participate in other day programs due to health or aging issues. The individuals are to plan their day as capable with personalized activities within the home. Even though receiving In-Home Day Services, the residents are encouraged to participate in community activities as their health allows.  This service is available with approved waiver funding.

Medical/ Nursing Services

Dawn of Hope employs two Registered Nurses and more than 40 Licensed Practical Nurses to provide highly trained, customized care to individuals.

Services may include 24 hour health monitoring for O2 administration, enteral tube feedings or other doctor ordered health services, medication management, scheduling physician appointments, and maintaining all medical records.  Nursing services are available with approved waiver funding.


For more information on Dawn of Hope’s Residential Program
email Mr. Shannon Haney Chief Operating Officer
or call (423) 434-5600

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