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Supported Living Services

Dawn of Hope Residential Services

What Supported Living Services look like:
• 24-hour awake care
• Community Integrated Homes
• Transportation Services/Homes with Vehicles
• Locations in Carter, Washington, Sullivan, & Unicoi Counties
• Single and Double staffed care
• Daily access to general Health Clinic Services at Dawn of Hope Center
• Access to Community Health Care Urgent Care and Emergency Care Facilities
• Access to Community Resources & Services – Shopping, Travel, Entertainment, Employment etc.
• Trained staff to administer mediations & general safety care i.e. seizure monitoring and interventions
• Homes that are maintained by Dawn of Hope, including lawn care and overseen by management checks on a regular basis.

What does it mean to live in a Supported Living Home?
• To receive person-centered supports for daily living
• To be treated with Dignity and Respect
• To be offered education on Rights, Respect and Dignity
• To be encouraged to make choices and decisions and expressing thoughts and opinions
• To be supported to learn how to assume self-advocacy roles as desired such as medication administration, employment, community
experiences, etc.
• To be encouraged and cared for by trained staff.
• To be included in a family setting type home, with at least 1-2 other people who have similar needs and interests, and to live
family style with dining & socializing community experiences
• To be afforded the opportunity for space and privacy to do things on your own
• To live in safe and approved environments, with safeguards in place for safety of all people.
• To be able to apply your own flair and style to your home/bedrooms, clothing, menu planning etc.

Residential Services are available through approved DIDD/ECF/CHOICES funding services.

About the Director of Residential Services: David Mitchell

David is a father who has a large family in Greeneville. He is dedicated to his work and his family and he goes above and beyond the call of duty! David enjoys spending time with family and his animals. What makes David special is that he takes the time to tend to and follow up on any issues that arise with a vigor and energy that is easily evident. David has been with Dawn of Hope since 2019.

If you are interested in learning more about Residential Services please contact davidmitchell@dawnofhope.com or call 423-434-5600.