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2011 Dawn of Hope Foundation, in partnership with Tennessee Housing Development Authority,  begins construction on six new homes in Unicoi County, Tennessee as part of the Houses for Hope project.

2006 Dawn of Hope Foundation launches the Houses for Hope project and begins construction on two new residential homes in Carter County, Tennessee.

2004 Dawn of Hope Foundation Capital Campaign reaches the $1 Million goal.

2002 The Dawn of Hope moves to the former Stratton Elementary School located at 500 East Oakland Avenue.

1999 Dawn of Hope Foundation launches the Dawn of Hope Capital Campaign to raise $1 million dollars to renovate the former Stratton Elementary School.

1995 The Dawn of Hope ventured into Residential Services by beginning a new program offering – Supported Living. The first residents were two ladies who had been institutionalized at Greene Valley Developmental Center. In eleven years the program has grown to include 22 homes and 48 residents.

1986 With the growth of special education programs in the school systems, Dawn of Hope shifted its emphasis from children to providing programs for adults only with mental retardation.

1982 The Dawn of Hope, along with the assistance of the City of Johnson City, Community Development Funds, and various civic groups, helped to acquire the building for the Vocational Program located (as the Watauga Rehabilitation Workshop) in the Johnson City Industrial Park where it still is today.

1974 The Dawn of Hope built an addition to the location at 1500 Millard Street.

1971 The Dawn of Hope relocated to a former school building located at 1500 East Millard Street.

November 4, 1968 The Dawn of Hope was founded by Mr. Jay Gump, Dr. Thomas McKee, Mr. Walter Mitchell, Dr. W. B. Pennebaker, and Dr. Kenneth Roark. Board members included Mrs. Vee Smith, Reverend James Coleman and Mr. Bob Owens. With a budget of $6,000 and five participants, Ann Bishop and Pat Gotch staffed the first Dawn of Hope Development Center in the basement of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Johnson City. The original mission was to provide daytime programs for children and adults with mental retardation.