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Non-Discrimination Statement:

All people applying for services at Dawn of Hope, Inc. shall not be excluded participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program activity on the grounds of race, color, age, disability, or national origin.

How to get started with Services/Referrals
Shannon Haney – Chief Operating Officer – COO
423-434-5600 cell – 423-384-2071

How does Approval for Services happen?

Dawn of Hope only wants the very best for your loved one. The Admissions Review Committee shall review the request for services and determine if the needs of the applicant and the services we have available are a match.

At no time will a person’s safety or level of care be compromised. Dawn of Hope will carefully consider what services are appropriate, what services qualify for funding, and if that level of care is available with our current staffing capacity.

Because we want what’s best for your loved one, sometimes that means we’re not the right provider for a person’s unique needs. However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t eventually be able to provide the services needed and/or requested. We will work with each person/family member to find a service and support solution that is right for them.

Service Denial may occur based on lack of funding or the inability to provide the level of support needed for an applicant’s specific needs.

People who are denied services based on the above criteria may file an appeal by contacting the Chief Compliance Officer, the Program Director, the COO, or CEO.

A process that includes a written appeal request will be initiated, then shared with the Admissions Review Committee for further consideration and or additional clarification for the denial of services.
Who you can contact:

pamsamscox@dawnofhope.com – Chief Compliance Officer
davidmitchell@dawnofhope.com – Director of Residential Services
shannonhaney@dawnofhope.com – Chief Operating Officer
stevecox@dawnofhope.com – Chief Executive Officer