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Service Philosophy

Service Philosophy

Who We Are:
Dawn of Hope is a non-profit organization which provides supports and services to people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

Developmental Disabilities are defined as disabilities that become evident in childhood, that are expected to continue indefinitely, that constitute a substantial handicap to the affected person and that are attributable to a number of different neurological conditions.

What that means for you?
In most cases Dawn of Hope can provide the level of care and supports needed to care for your loved one who has been diagnosed with IDD.

How do we do that?
Every person supported has a Plan. The plan describes the person, what they want to do, and what kinds of supports they need to be able to do the things they want or have for their health and safety. This is a part of a Person-Centered Planning process.

Through a working relationship with governing entities and other stakeholders such as the Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (DIDD), TennCare, and MCO’s, Dawn of Hope strives to meet standards of quality supports and services so that all people have the life they desire.

What exactly is Person Centered Planning?

Each person is different and has their own version of favorites, dislikes, health needs, behavior support needs, therapeutic needs etc. Providing care is no longer a “one size fits all” operation. Instead, providing supports and care considers each person’s unique needs and preferences and then bases their plan on just that – their own life care needs and desires.

So what does Person Centered Planning look like?

It will look different from person to person. Some people may want to seek employment, others may want to stay home. Some may want to learn administer their own medications, some people may even want to live on their own or in a semi-independent living situation. A Person-Centered plan takes all of that into consideration and shapes it into action plans.

People change, and so do their Plans. That is another aspect of Person-Centered Planning. Plans change as people change.


Dawn of Hope feels very strongly about helping people to belong to their neighborhoods, their communities, and to their community networks. All of that takes relationships and involvement with one another, not just people who also have IDD, but with all people living in and around the community. Developing Awareness first and then relationships is a smart way to open the eyes of community members and businesses to who we are and who the people are that we support. Our goal is to create a connection that is so strong that no barriers prevent true and lasting friendships – which is part of what makes life so great!

Our Strength, Our Staff – Without a doubt Dawn of Hope has a super army of dedicated and experienced staff. While we, like most other organizations during the pandemic years have suffered a staffing crisis, our staff have held the fort, they have worked long hours, and they have persevered through quarantines and through sickness. People who at Dawn of Hope are some of the hardest working people in world. Through actions of appreciation, bonuses, incentives, recognition and ongoing recruitment, our constant goal is to continually improve our quality support team.

Dawn of Hope maintains Quality Assurance standards through our annual state Quality Review process and has a national Accreditation through the Council on Quality Leadership (CQL).

If you would like to learn more about Dawn of Hope’s exciting journey to becoming more Person Centered and our CQL progress, contact: