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Health Services

Residential Nursing Services – Medical Supported Living Homes
• Specialized Health Care Services provided by an LPN
o Oxygen
o Diabetic Care
o Enteral Nutrition Feedings
o Monitor Vital Signs
o Administer Medications
o Nebulizer Treatments as needed.

Dawn of Hope Clinic
Offers a wide array of general supports:
• Assessments – General and as needed
• Weighing
• Blood Sugar Monitoring
• O2 Sats
• Vitals
• Blood Pressure Checks
• Temperature Checks
• Medication Dispensing from Pharmacy
• TB skin tests
• Appointments or Dr, Therapists, Procedures, Dental, Surgeries, Nutritionists etc.
• Appointments for Vaccines, flu shots, etc.
• General well being oversight, nutrition, weight, health, fluid intake etc.
• Helping people learn how to exercise self-advocacy where health matters are concerned.

Medical/Nursing Supported Living Services are available through approved waiver/ECF funding services.

About the Chief Medical Officer: Sharon Lloyd, RN
Sharon is a long-time resident of Unicoi and has worked at Dawn of Hope since 2002. She loves being a grandmother to 3 grandchildren and doing things with her family. She and her husband love to travel and Hawaii is their favorite destination. Sharon brings Dawn of Hope a level of sincere medical care that is calm and carefully thought out. She always has the best interest of people supported in the forefront of her mind. Her care recipe: Gentle Loving Care Always.

If you are interested in learning more about Health Services please contact sharonlloyd@dawnofhope.com or call 434-5600.