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Rotating Program

This program is divided into six different specialty areas which are designed to help people make choices about the specialty areas listed below:

Home Planning 
This specialty area offers training on all aspects of home life including cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. For example, there is a broad range of skill development opportunities that can be drawn from to learn about food preparation from mixing Jell-O to preparing a complete meal, or from wiping the table to mopping the floor. Additionally, a variety of community experiences associated with home living may occur like going grocery shopping, visiting the local Farmers Market, and attending cooking classes.

This specialty area concentrates on healthy living skills and physical exercise. For example, people may use treadmills, stationary bikes, go for nature walks, and participate in community leisure activities. Motor/ Recreation is also very involved in Special Olympics.

Independent Living Skills (ILS)
This specialty area concentrates on daily living skills associated with community safety, shopping, social interactions, and coping with a variety of environment situations. ILS is very involved in exploring ways to engage and develop community membership and a sense of belonging while developing needed independence skills, as desired.

Arts and Crafts 
This specialty area concentrates on helping people share their creative energies through multiple mediums and methods of expression.  Creations are displayed at the main center and in the community at a variety of locations and exhibits.  Many times local artists from the community and local colleges partner with people supported creating a bridge with the community and towards other creative opportunities.

This specialty area concentrates on developing skills needed for competitive, integrated employment.  Supports include education, experience, and exploration of potential trades and careers.  People who are of retirement age or express a desire not to learn about employment may choose instead to pursue volunteer opportunities.

Active Elderly
This specialty area is designed for people 55 y/o and older who want to be retired, yet still desire to have social interaction and recreation activities which are conducive to aging adults. Supports are available engage people in activities such as shopping, eating out, arts and crafts, listening to music, growing flowers and all the other things retired people like to do. Support staff help to meet the unique needs associated with aging while maintaining independence.

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